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Technology careers offer professionals the opportunity to work in many industries, including healthcare and business. Careers in technology can be pursued in several work environments, including fast-paced startups, innovative tech firms, and small IT departments. The flexibility of Tech makes it a go to for everyone because you can be in Nigeria and work anywhere in the world, it allows you to work remotely, onsite, onshore and offshore.
The most outstanding aspect of tech career is the fact that you cannot be unemployed as a tech person except you choose to, you can work for and employer or you can choose to own your company/business/agency and build a name for yourself and relationship with businesses and organizations charging per job or base on contract earning up to N500, 000 to 3 million monthly depend on your level of proficiency and your network. Of course it will take a while to build reputation and integrity.
They are so many career paths in tech you may want to consider but it depend on your passion, specialization, career path and how much you are willing to sacrifice. Below are few careers in tech, what they do and how much they.
1. Computer support: Many in the beginning phases of their IT career work in computer support roles that support many different aspects of computer operations. From there, it’s possible to specialize in a narrower field like cyber security or networks, or continue in computer support to become a senior or manager.
2. Database Management: Database managers and administrators work with large amounts of data. These professionals organize and store data for later use. Database managers must also create security measures to keep their clients’ data safe. They can work with Intelligence and security agencies, Governments, NGOs Telecommunication, Oil and Gas etc. Depend on experience, qualification and proficiency.
3. Data visualization allows professionals to take raw data and create a graphical representation of their findings. This field helps organizations understand important trends in data and find the right takeaways. They work alongside with Data analyst, Date Engineer, Business System & Intelligence analyst, Data, and Marketing Specialist. Industries in need includes Banking, financial Service and Insurance, Construction and Real estate, consumer goods, government, health care, IT, Pharmaceutical, telecommunications, NGO management etc.
4. Information systems professionals collect and distribute information to different branches of a company. These professionals also create and maintain digital storage systems for information. They work alongside Computer support Personnel network support personnel, system analyst, web/Internet support specialist. Almost all industries are in need of them from Airport/traveling, Automobile, healthcare, telecommunications, Education, government, intelligence etc.
5. Software developers, or software engineers, create computer programs that are used to accomplish any number of tasks—your internet browser, music streaming service, and online video conference app are all examples of software. Software development can open paths into a variety of different industries, including finance, video game development, and tech. Most industries are in desperate need of software developers including; Retail, Silicon Valley high tech, Healthcare, Research and Development, IT, Government and defense, Finance and telecommunications.
6. Web development focuses on the creation and design of websites. These professionals write code to create websites and help with design and layout to meet their clients’ specific needs. Web developers design and create websites and web-based applications for their clients. You can pursue web development careers across many different industries, including healthcare, business, and education. Web development work alongside with Web Design, UI/UX Design, Web Developer and Front-end Developer. In the early stage of this career you can earn up to 18M to 20M million (in naira) annually depending on your work experience and company. All most all Industry in need of their services include; Health, Fitness & Nutrition, Food Industry, Entertainment, Education, Law, Retail, Fashion, etc.
7. A graphic designer creates design concepts using dedicated computer software or by hand. One of the main purposes of graphic designing is to create visual imagery that appeals to and informs customers so as to ensure patronage. So, graphic designers use the right tools such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw Graphic Suite, Adobe InDesign, Inks cape, canvas etc. to create fonts, shapes, colors, images, print design, photography, animation, logos, and billboards for the promotion of a brand. A graphic designer in Nigeria averages 2,500,000 to 4,000,000 million annually working for advertising companies, fintechs, Tech hubs, TV companies, Fashion, Entertainment, Politicians, NGOs and every business/ service that needs design etc.
8. Digital Marketing Executives (also known as Digital Marketing Specialists or Digital Marketing Strategists) are usually responsible for assisting Digital Marketing Managers in designing and implementing the company’s digital marketing plans and strategies and achieving digital marketing goals and objectives. Digital Marketing Executive can choose to specialize in certain areas, such as search engine optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), display media, social media, and shopping feeds. Additionally, they can have a more general digital marketing expertise and can still be referred to as a digital marketing executive.
They work alongside social media managers, Content Strategist, Business Developers, Marketing Executive, and Digital Business Analyst. Industries in need of digital marketing includes; Health, Fitness & Nutrition, Food Industry, Entertainment, Education, Law, Retail, Fashion, etc.
9. Project managers are tasked with overseeing and carrying out projects within or without the confines of a business organization. When handling projects, project managers work with a specified budget, and so have to properly manage available resources, as well as organize and motivate their team, all in a bid to deliver the project on time. It is a vast path with various angles include; Contract project manager, Information technology project manager, Business project manager, Construction project manager, Project coordinator, senior project manager, and Software project Manager. It works alongside Product Management.
Industries in need of project managers include; Construction, Finance, Information Technology, Energy, Healthcare, advertising etc.
They are so many other career paths in Tech: you can search Google for more information.
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