Project 2

  1. Create your social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter if you have not done so prior to now. If you have, move to 2.
  2. Optimize your social media accounts.
  3. Leveraging Canva, create a design that contains the 3 biggest lessons you have learnt from the bootcamp so far. Be creative, and use the design guidelines as well.
  4. Share this design on TWITTER using a brief caption that must contain a hook, body and conclusion. This post must not be a thread. Just a caption.
  5. Use the following hashtags #thettifoundation #mwangaafricagirls #techupgirlsweek2 #techupgirls
  6. Share this post on Twitter and ensure your account is not set to private.
  7. Fill this form submitting the link to the Twitter post: